Friday, December 23, 2011

The Manipulation of the GOP Nominees

Lets take a step back and take a close look at the GOP's current struggle to find their Presidential nominee. Does it seem a little fragmented, crazy, schizophrenic? Let's be honest with ourselves. Politics is ugly and make no doubt, it's all about money. The influence of money at this level is staggering and it has made more than one man sell his soul.

The poitical peddlers are smart people and think 10 to 20 years in advance. They have every reason to do so. It maintains their power, bank accounts and ideology. More specific, the "power players" pick who we vote for. The average voter in any given election is subject to the choice of the "establishment" They know what to say, what to do, and they do it over and over again. We fall for it as often. Shame on us.

Our current GOP nominee selection process is an interesting case study. Lets take a look back and notice some interesting observations. I think it would be safe to say that its commom knowledge that the GOP "establishment" has thrown its weight behind former Governor Mitt Romney. Who does the establishment fear? I'm confident in saying that the Tea Party poses a credible threat to the status quo, and well they should. Please keep in mind the following thoughts are strictly a hypothesis, but it's food for thought.

A few months back Michele Bachmann won the Iowa Straw poll handily. It would be fair to say this sent a shiver down the spines of the old school Republicans. Its no secret the Michele Bachmann is a Tea Party darling. Enter Rick Perry. At first glance Rick Perry appears to be a fantastic candidate. Being the Governor of Texas, having created almost 50% of all the new jobs in the U.S. in the past few years. That carries credible weight during these economic times.

Perry shot to the top of the polls before he even announced his candidacy as President. Who did he take votes from? Michele Bachmann. Fast forward to the GOP debates. Do you remember how unusually bad Perry performed? How uninterested and dull he seemed to be. Followed by his comment regarding in-state tuition for illegal aliens. That "you don't have a heart" if you don't support this policy. Any person with a political IQ over 50 would have known this would have offended the GOP right as much as it did. Why would Perry do that? Did it seem odd at the time? To me it did. I started to wonder why. Then shortly after that Perry made the appearance where he seemed to act druink. Front page news across the nation. Even today we find out Perry does not qualify for the Virginia ballet due to lack of signatures. A serious candidate? Hmmmmm.

My opinion is that Perry never wanted to be President. He's a prop for the establishment. He served his purpose by stealing votes from Michele Bachmann, thus maintaining Mitt Romney as the frontrunner. Job well done.

Enter Herman Cain. An interesting addtion to the field indeed. On face he appears to be a man of the people. Down to earth, a charasmatic speaker and personality to spare. He immediately shoots to the top as the right searches for the anti Romney candidate. It didnt take long for the media and the left to do their dirty work. Let the sexual allegations fly. Names? "We don't need no stinkin' names". Was this an attack from the left, an attack from the power structure on the right? We may never know but the end result speaks for itself. Exit Herman Cain.

As we see the field narrow and wittle down, one must wonder if there is more than one establishment candidate. I think it's safe to say that Santorum, Huntsman and Ron Paul pose no credible threat nationally. Santorum is a solid conservative but in his early debate performances he was perceived as the angry whiner. He has settled down and has seemed to learn fom his mistakes but it appears to be too late. Huntsman has intellect but is just not taken seriously as a Republican with his appointment from Obama as Ambassador to China. Ron Paul is very interesting. Theres so much truth to what he says regarding financial issues but he loses people on his foreign policy stances.

The field appears to be narrowing down to Romney and Gingrich, though there is a chance to see a surprise rise out of Iowa. Newt Gingrich has no doubt been around Washington DC for a long time. Its hard not to like his style, especially in debates. The right is clammering for a candidate to clobber Obama in debates. We know the election will be ugly with Obama and his Chicago ways. Newt has appeared to have the passion in the debates, hence his rise to the top. With that being said, Newt has decided to run a "campaign of ideas" which in and of itself is noble but Newt currently finds himself feeling the brunt of negative media blast in Iowa. The negative ads are taking a toll on his poll numbers but negative ads can take a toll on those who use them. Newt seems to be fighting back a bit by challening Romney to a one on one debate, though Romney has declined. I like Newt but will be watching him closely to see if there are any unusual blunders that make me think that he is "pulling a Perry" to exalt Mitt to the top. His recent comment on arresting judges has raised my brow. It seemed to be such an unecessary comment for a frontrunner. Why give the media and your opponents something to grab a hold of? It doesnt make much sense. We'll see what Newt is made of.

You'll have to forgive my skepticism but when we take a closer look at the past we might see some trends as history seems to repeat itself. Remember Ross Perot? He captured the hearts of the nation only to suddenly drop out and then reenter the race. It's odd wasn't it? Was he jst filling the "elite' void and when he caught on he sabotaged himself for no reason. Fast forward to this past year. Can you say Donald Trump? He shoots to the top of the polls and as he pondered his Presidential run. The media ran with that story and the people seemed excited over his "in your face" style. Yet again he bows out. Oh, now we see within the past week just prior to Christmas 2011 that he's talking it up in the media again. Isnt that something? I started to think of why he would do that and it dawned on me. Are the elites worried about another rise from a Tea Party candidate as Newt's poll numbers drop slighty? You see, the elites are cunning and use the media to their advantage. I believe Trump wont go away to keep himself in the minds of the American public should the estalishment find themselves surprised by a shift to a nonestablishment candidate. Who better than a popular TV star billionaire with tons of charisma. He also seems to tap into the peoples anger towards Obama. Trump even keeps the birther story alive though he states its not an issue at this time. He just seems so perfect and that's what should bother all of us.

When we we learn to quit electing the filthy rich? In and of itself being rich is a wonderful thing. Capitalism at its finest is by far the finest system in the world. It's proven itself far superior to the alternatives. With that being said we must be aware that money corrupts absolutely. Our forefathers warned us of what we are experiencing. Government is too big and people are catching on to it, but if we keep electing the same crowd our country is doomed. Arnold "The Terminator" promised us on Jay Leno that he couldn't be bought. He painted himself as a conservative and look how that turned out. He is and was a spineless phony.

We the people, the good American people deserve mush better that\n what we are getting, yet we get what we deserve because we have been complacent in our representative selection. It's an uphill battle because the establishment is organized and well funded. We must learn to recognize who is closest to the heart of us all. If I were the the old school hacks I would be afraid because people are starting to pay attention. With the rise of the Tea Party and the phony, grass roots, union organized Occupy Wall Street movements making noise, the power structure feels threatened. there are some common threads between the two groups, yet at the same time they are complete opposites.

The queston will be, will the American people unite to find common ground and get rid of this slime in Washington DC? If we dont unite our "clans", our divided house will not stand. I'm an optimist but I cant get past the fact that the liberal left has swung so far to the left that we are dealing with Socialists, Communists and Marxists. Our President has appointed them to counsel him, to lead in pivotal national positions and the media is silent. We need to purge the poison of President Obama and his band of merry looters. He has a goal of destruction, to redeem his fathers quest of destroying the evil colonialist. We are in for the fight of our lives to save this great country. It's time to dig our heals in and say "No You Won't" and restore our great country by exposing those who seek to destroy us.

Watch and be aware of the "unusual" during our quest to find the one who will be our voice. Don't fall for cheap immitations. Our days of being complacent and manipulated will end as we educate ourselves and become a part of the great process we have been afforded. I pray that we take advantage of the God given rights granted to us.